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About Us

Natick High Web Design is a compilation of various levels of web designers, ranging from introductory web designers to adobe certified web designers capable of making professional web sites. The intro students create personal sites in an attempt to solidify the basic skills learned at the intro level of Natick High Web Design. In the next level of web design the advanced 1 class begins creating educational sites, covering an educational topic of their choice and incorporating more advanced knowledge and abilities of Photoshop and dream weaver in order to create a sophisticated, polished site. In the highest level of Natick High Web Design is the advanced 2 class, in which the main goal is to become adobe certified and be able to create professional level sites. In the advanced 2 class students work to create their professional sites and rigorously study to become ready for their adobe certification test.

Throughout this site there are a plethora of web sites, ranging in skill from intro to advanced, feel free to look around and see what Natick High Web Design students have accomplished thus far!



Natick High Web Design, Intro Student Sites

Sites to be completed by February 1, 2013

Fall 12, Web Red Fall 12, Web Blue

Cally Arnold Jessica Bost
Ruth Azaria Christian Cadigan
Matthew Bennet Paul Coudray
• Rebecca Boucher •  Bojun Yang
Emily Butcher Michael Goodwin
Adam Cadman Jessica Kumi
Francis Castellino Samantha Major
Ryan Donohue Nicholas Ranieri
• Sean Freitas Elizabeth Rodman
• Myles Holt •  Julius Shaw
• Bergen Kilham •  Samuel Stenson
Hailey Lamont •  James Traficonte
• Robert Martino Brett Wasserboehr
• Brynn McGonagle  
Emily Moncata  
Ian O'Neil  
Kylie Schechtman  
Cole Semonian  
Mark Soma  
Kevin Thomas  
James Tinney  
Julia Treon  
Daniel Van Auken  



Natick High Web Design, Misc. Sites

The sites listed below are used for a variety of reasons. They are either a work in progress (draft site) or resource files.

MAD Studio, Babson Building Site