The purpose of Advanced Web Design 1 is to begin to prepare students to work in the professional field of Web Design. Students acquire new Photoshop tools and enhanced their knowledge of HTML and CSS by learning advanced Dreamweaver.

Anyone looking to pursue a career in Web Design and development needs to know how to use Adobe applacations such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop because they are the industry standard.

In this class students will create a Photoshop portfolio displaying a variety of advanced skills. Additionally, they will be assigned the task of creating a class website, which will house resources, tutorials, and other information that can be useful while designing.

The focus of this course, however, is to create an educational site about a specific topic for a teacher in the school. This project will require a student to implement the skills which they have learned over the semester and apply them in a more professional and practical setting.

To access the tutorials from this course, visit the lessons page for step-by-step instructions written by students themselves. In addition, this site provides external resources from designers around the web, and the list of students actively enrolled in this course.

Why Web Design?

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