Every Child Deserves Love, Affection, and Hope

Supporting the Casa Hogar San Jose in Colima, Mexico.

What is the Casa Hogar San Jose?
The Casa is an orphanage located in Colima, Mexico. Between 80 and 100 children, ages 2 - 19 are cared for by the loving staff. The mission of the Casa is to care for children who have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, or whose parents are too poor to care for them on a full-time basis. The Casa supplies children with clothing, medical and dental treatment, education, vocational training, and most importantly, love, affection, and hope amidst their difficult and chaotic lives. What is the Mission of Casa Connection?
Provide significant, lasting, and consistent financial support for the daily operation of the Casa Hogar San José orphanage, including food, clothing, education, and staffing and to recruit short and long-term volunteers to serve at the Casa.

Why Donate to the Casa Connection?

Your donation will support the caring work of the dedicated staff of the Casa Hogar San Jose, where young people can be educated and grow in a safe, loving environment.  The children are raised to be responsible, caring individuals who will be able to function as productive adult citizens of Mexico.  Families take their children to the Casa Hogar so their children can have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families and necessitated the need for the children to be at the Casa Hogar.  95% of all donations go directly to the Casa Hogar for operational expenses, with the other 5% covering administrative costs of our fundraising efforts. There are no paid staff of the Casa Connection. Operations are wholly maintained on a volunteer basis.

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