Roy's Recycling Service

Family Owned and Operated - Est. 1994

recycled bottles

How It Started

I started this business in the early 1990’s with the intent of making it easier for residents of Wellesley, my home town, to recycle.

My mission was to divert recyclables that would end up in the waste stream and put them back into circulation. Since that time I have hand built trucks to adapt them to handle the recycling and eventually custom ordered our current style when almost everyone else simply hauled trash. Currently we pickup recycling materials from most of our customers along with their trash in an area that is convenient for them, whether they leave it in the garage, on the front steps or at the end of their driveway.

We bring recycling materials to different facilities dedicated to reusing materials. We go the extra mile to make a difference. We can provide you with recycling toters and a rolling bin for your trash or you can use your own containers. We are here to help.

Together we can help our environment and make the world a better place for the next generation. Give us a call or send a message. We answer the telephone and return our messages.

~Alan Roy

Our Achievements

In 2012 Roy's Recycling Service helped our customers recycle 235.34 tons of cardboard and mixed paper and 243.89 tons of single stream materials.