Natick Together for Youth

Who We Are

Natick Together for Youth (NTY) is a coalition of caring community members working together to reduce and prevent youth substance use. We envision a healthy and safe community that is strengthened by reducing substance abuse related risk factors, improving treatment efforts, and strengthening resiliency among Natick’s youth.

Tips Navigating Prom and Graduation Season

As prom and graduation season nears, parents and high school students may wonder how to plan fun parties and social events for teens without alcohol. Learn how to keep teens safe in just 15-minutes by watching this online video by the Teen-Safe program at Boston Children’s Hospital
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Here are some additional recommendations on how to host a party for teens safely—and protect your interests in the process!
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Planning celebrations with individuals both over 21 and under 21 in attendance, such as a graduation party with extended family, friends and teens, can often leave party hosts debating whether to serve alcohol and how to serve responsibly. Although alcohol is not necessary to have a good time, here are some additional party planning suggestions if you do plan to serve alcohol to your guests over 21.
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A great alcohol-free, post prom event is Natick High School’s After Prom Party. Learn more about the event and how to donate to it.
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And parents, prom and graduation season is a great opportunity to talk with your child(ren) of any age about alcohol! Get tips on how to start the conversation here.
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Tips for Getting Involved

Interested in getting involved in the Coalition? There’s room for you at the table! NTY’s membership includes representation of 12 community sectors, including: youth, parents, school personnel, law enforcement, local businesses, local government, non-profit/civic organizations, mental health/addiction treatment providers and healthcare professionals. Each member brings a unique and valuable perspective to the coalition; so, please consider attending an upcoming event or even joining one of our several working committees.

To learn more or to sign-up, please feel free to contact Katie Sugarman, NTY Executive Director, at 508-647-6623 or