The students in Advanced Web Design 1 have received a B+ or better in Intro to Web Design. By the end of this course, they have improved their design and development skills to confidently add them onto their resume.

Student receiving a B+ or better in Advanced Web Design 1 are then invited to register for Advanced Web Design 2. This course expands on Advanced 1 and prepares students for the Adobe CS6 Dreamweaver and Photoshop certification exam. Then they are ready for hire!

To see some of the students' work, click on the links below. These links will direct you to their active Wiki pages, where they post information about Web Design and Photography that they have learned independently.

Amy Azaria
Ryan Corkery
Nicole Dua
Chelsea Eaton
Albert Gerovitch
Jacqueline Girard
Arshia Kaur
Julianne Kelleher
Zachary Koval
Joseph Milch
Isabel Pagliazzo
Axel Quinones
Anna Rausch
Jeremiah Su
Luke Vrotsos
Peter Zeqo