Meet the Teams

Team 3737 Hanks Tanks

Named after former mentor Henry Haugland, this team has had huge successes in previous seasons. They advanced to the FTC Eastern Super-regional competition in three out of the last four seasons and advancing to worlds last season. Hank's Tank's participates in many outreach events and specializes in outreach events pertaining to our sponsors. Recently members of team 3737 invited cub-scouts from Pack 40 and members from the Ben-Hem Jr. FLL team to come into the lab and build minature robots. 3737's mascot robot is called the Tank bot, commemorating former mentor Henry Haugland for his commitment to our club.

Team 5436 Aluminum Cobblers

Aluminum Cobblers is named after Henry Wilson, the former vice president to Ulysses S. Grant who was from Natick. This team has made states in three out of the past four competition seasons and has lead the club with their team spirit. Aluminum Cobblers will be mentoring the Kennedy Middle School Robotics Club as well as participating in other outreach events in the Natick Community. Their mascot robot is called the boot-bot commemorating Henry Wilson's role in Natick's History.

Team 6032 Rosies Riviters

Formally an all girl's team, this co-ed team has made states in three of the past four competition seasons. Rosie's Riviters members are involved in a new enviormental outreach event where they are tasked with building an ROV to harvest lakeweed from the local ponds and lakes. Other outreach events Rosie's Riviters runs include mentoring the Wilson Middle School Robotics club. Their mascot robot called the T-18 Fighter is based off of airplanes that were manufactured by the real Rosies the Riviters organization.