Who We Are

Welcome to RoboNatick. RoboNatick is a club for those students who show an interested and passion in the area of robotics, technology, and engineering. The club participates in FIRST FTC Competition each year. Our competition season begins in September and runs through March. The club has competed in numerous FIRST FTC Challenges at super regionals and national events, as well as competitive intramural challenges. Club members use Creo Cad Software, 3D printers, Java programming, mechanically design, build, and marketing of their system. All members actively participate in team building, problem-solving, fundraising, and outreach events. No prior knowledge or experiences are necessary all students are welcome. The club meets Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year.

Club Motto

“Fail Fast and Quickly Succeed”

Club History

In 2007 a group of students, teacher Doug Scott and mentor Henry Haugland formally formed the Robotics Club at Natick High School. Initially, the Natick High School Robotics Club competed in First Robotics Competition as FRC team "2497 Robo-Natick." "2497 Robo-Natick" continued for the next five years to compete in the FRC competition level until 2012. In 2010 "2497 Robo-Natick" made their appearance at the world's level of the competition for their challenge "FTC Breakaway." At Worlds, they took 56th place in the Newton Division at the Competition. Club members learned a valuable lesson in what due diligence, perseverance, and gracious professionalism can result in by competing in this challenge. After one more season in 2011, the club decided they wanted to change it up and try something new. In 2012, the club joined the FTC Team competition. Do to club size, the size of the smaller robots, and experience of the team they decided to split the organization into three smaller groups. FTC "3737 Hank’s Tanks" was named after mentor Henry Haugland and dedicated to his hard work for the club. FTC "5436 Aluminum Cobblers" was named after Henry Wilson, a cobbler, and statesman from Natick who served as vice president of the United States of America for Ulysses S. Grant. The third, FTC "6032 Rosie’s Riveters" named for being the first all girls team which was inspired by Rosie the Riveters National Organization. All three teams have quickly found tremendous success at the FTC level. Every year since 2012, "Robo-Natick" has sent two or three teams to the State level of the competition each year. In 2014 "Hank's Tanks" advanced to the FTC Eastern Super-Regional Competition in Scranton PA, marking "Robo-Natick's" first FTC advancement in the competition. 2015 brought on more changes for "Robo-Natick" "6032 Rosie's Riveters" transitioned to being a co-ed team. "Robo-Natick" has hosted the State Level of the Competition at Natick High School since 2015. In 2016, " 3737 Hanks Tanks" luck returned winning the "Think Award" at States which allowed them a return trip Scranton, PA to compete in Super-regionals. The following year 2017 "3737 Hanks Tanks" once again was able to go back to Scranton, PA in the Super Regionals by winning the "Inspire Award." At Super-Regionals " 3737 Hanks Tanks" was able with alliances win the "Tesla Divison" and advance to the world's competition was held in Saint Louis Missouri. At Worlds, "3737 Hanks Tanks" placed 31st in their division.