Robo-Natick Safety Policy

The kits and computers we are using cannot be easily replaced as they are expensive. We want to make sure that as many students as possible enjoy working with the equipment, so lets pay attention to a few things:
If a student is unsure of tool usage, they should contact one of their leaders or the supervisor. Parts may not be cut, bent or modified without consent.
All cuts will be safely planned and conducted with proper tools (do not Dremel everything).
Equipment and Computers are to be stored and locked appropriately each day
If a part is damaged, inform the instructor
Do not damage equipment because you are bored, there is always something productive to do
Students must trade in their laptop for the shop's laptop each use
Clean up is everyone's job

Safety Expectations:

All members must wear safety goggles in the shop or else be asked to leave for safety reasons
All members will read the required safety materials online
All members will participate in a mandatory safety training on the first day of the school year
All members will take a safety quiz
All members will sign a safety contract
All members will adhere to safety rules

Robo-Natick Safety Articles

The following articles cover safety information about various tools and items in the lab as well as general safety information. This material is covered on the Robo-Natick Safety test and it is reccommended that all members read the following articles to help ensure our lab stays a safe workplace.
General Shop Safety
Bench Grinder Safety
Miter Saw Safety
Drill Press Safety
Band Saw Safety

The Robo-Natick Safety Test