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The students in Advance Web Design have received a B+ or higher in Intro to Web Design. By the end of this course they have improved their design and development skills to confidentaly add them onto their resume. Student receiving a B+ or higher in Advance Web Design are then invited to register for Web Design Certification. This course will prepare them for the Adobe CS6 Dreamweaver and Photoshop certification exam. Then they are ready for hire!!

To see some of the students work click on the links to the right. These links will direct you to their active Wiki pages.


Matt Bennet

Alex Bice

Jessica Bost

Eli Briskin

Max Caso

Mat Desjardin

Trevor Kaplan

Nicholas Renieri

Elizabeth Rodman

James Tinney

Mark Soma

Caitlin Little

Megan Garcia

Nick LaGreca


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