Global Warming


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The issue of Global warming doesn't really come into the public spotlight until the early 2000s. The man most arguably assoicated with Global warming is Al Gore. He gave a series of presentations called The Inconveinient Truth, which opened the eyes of many around the world. In 2007, the Internation Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) deduced that it was 90% certain that humans were to blame for the increased warming trend seen on earth.
Many of Global Warming's harmful affects are visible by 2014. The world experiences more extreme weather and drastic changes in temperature. Sea levels continue to rise at unprecedented rates while the ice in the Arctic continues to melt. The IPPC's 2014 report on global warmed, reinforced their previous conviction made in 2007, which said that humans were the leading cause for Global Warming.
melting ice caps
One hundred years, the earth will continue to heat up, possibly by as much as 10.8 degrees. We will continue to experience extreme patterns in weather and the rapid icnrease of arctic ice. In fact, sea levels are expected to rise by as much as two feet. During the summer months, the Arctic ocean is expected to be completely ice free because it would have already melted.