Baseball is my favorite sport. I have been playing organized baseball for over 9 years, but have been throwing a ball around or watching the game for even longer. I am a catcher and occasionally play first base or where ever I am needed. I throw with my right arm and bat lefty. I recently finished my first season of High School Baseball, catching every inning except for the games I could not play as a result of my concussion. We finished 13-3. I am currently playing for Natick's Lou Tompkins team which is 15 and 16 year olds.

Other Sports

As well as baseball, I also enjoy other sports. I used to play recreational basketball, but I do not anymore because it ended in 8th grade. I also like to bike and swim in the summer whenever I can. In the winter, I love to ski. I have skied in Massachusetts, New Hampsire, Vermont, Maine, and Canada.