Intro to Web Design Sites


The purpose of this course is to prepare you for a future where you can properly harness fundamental Web design skills. The course covers Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), CSS Style Sheets and introduces students to Dreamweaver, Photoshop and PDF writer as it pertains to Web Design. Students will learn project management skills while working on peer group activities and independent assignments. Major projects will focus on Design skills in Photoshop and building a portfolio Website. Many professions value an employee who is proficient in the basics of HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. This class will provide you with the skills necessary to apply these technologies in such a way that you could use them to create educational and personal projects on your own time.

Personal/Portfolio Sites

Katelyn H.
Dina B.
Katherine G.
Hugh Campbell
Skylar S.
Robert K.
Emma W.
Victoria B.
Luke V.
Stephanie D.
Marissa F.
Daniel S.
Allison M.
Isabel P.
Marlee N.
Peter Z.

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