Picture of my friends and I at the marathon!


My name is Emma Woolard and I am currently a Junior at Natick High School. I am enrolled in Web Design and I have learned how to code and some design principles on how to make an appealing website. Before this class I had no idea what code was or how it worked. I have learned throughout the semester the rules on how to make an attractive website and I have also learned that there is a lot to know about code before you begin to actual write it. There are many rules that you have to apply and know to create a page and I now feel confident in my abilities of writing HTML and knowing code.

I am now able to read and write code and I am demonstrating this knowledge in this website that I have created. I have used everything that I have learned in this class to complete this website and I am very proud of the final product. I think it is a very valuable life skill to have to be able to read and write code because we use websites all the time and people should be able to create websites of their own as well. Taking this class has given me the confidence of knowing code and I am glad that I now have this life skill that may be very helpful in the future.