Picture of me in Florida

Over February break of 2016 I went on a really fun trip with my sister. We went down to Florida to visit my grandparents. My grandparents live in Massachusetts but from January to April they take their RV and drive down to Florida. They always have so much fun travelling together and going through all the states. This time when they went my parents said my sister and I could fly down and meet up with them and it was so much fun. We went to the beach almost every day and even got to spend some time with family we have down there. Flying alone with my sister was fun within itself, it was such an adventure. I loved spending a week in a beautiful place with my best friends and I hope I can do it again someday!

Picture of tower bridge with the olympic rings

For as long as I can remember I have been always going to England. When I was younger my parents tried to take us often so that we could see our family over there as much as we could. We have family in Kent which is the southeast of England and we have some family on the Isle Of Man, which is an island of the coast. I love going there and exploring everything because the countryside is so beautiful. The last time we went was Summer of 2012 during the London Olympics, we weren't able to go to any events but London was all decked out and the environment was so amazing. I hope on going back for my senior internship and do an internship at my uncle's office, I think it would be such an amazing experience and I hope everything works out and I can go.