Picture of my moms side of family

My family is very important to me. Without them I would be a completely different person. I am closer to my family on my mom's side because they live in Massachusetts. I have two cousins on my mom's side that I am really close to because we are similar ages. My grandparents are also what I would call my best friends, they are so kind and I am glad that they are in my life. My sister graduated this June of 2016, and she was the first out of the 3 kids in our immediate family to graduate. I am very proud of her and I cannot wait until she attends college in California so I can visit her!

Picture of my sister and I

My dad's side of the family lives in England because my dad was born and raised there so I don't see them that often but when I do it is so great to see them. On his side he only has 2 brothers and my grandma. I have 5 cousins on that side and 4 of them are a bit older than me and one is a few years younger than me. This summer one of my cousins Henny (pictured on the left with my sister, her and my other cousin Toby) will be visiting us and I am so excited for that because I haven't seen her in over 5 years! I hope to visit England soon because it would be so great to go over there and see the rest of my family.