Picture of my friends and I at prom

My friends are some pretty great people. We have all been best friends for a while now and they are the closest people to me besides my family. Whenever we hang out we always try to do fun things and never have a boring day which always makes me happy because I know I can always count on them to have a fun time. As a group we went on a Ski trip to Vermont for a weekend in February which was tons of fun and this summer we plan on going on lots of little trips. We hope to go to the cape a bunch and maybe even a trip to NYC.

Picture of my friends and I doing weird poses

One thing that I love to do with my friends is go on road trips, even if they're short. We love going to six flags so driving there for that hour and a half is so much fun. We also are looking forward to going to the beach a lot this summer and Good Harbor especially. Also this summer, two of my friends and I are going on the service trip with the school so we are really excited for that! I am so happy that I have spent my high school career with these girls and I can't wait to end high school with them next year too.