People Making a Difference


PMD promotes informed and responsible volunteerism by involving people in meaningful, one-time, hands-on work that meets the needs of local charities. We produce appreciable results while conserving recipients limited resources. Additionally, volunteers are educated about broader issues, and people are brought together to build a successful community involvement program.


"This project was super fun and easy to pick up! Everything was standardized and done so efficiently. I would love to come back again!" (Lego Kits at MIT)


"I liked making people smile. Feels good to give back to others!" (Pine Street Inn)


"I liked being able to work cohesively towards a great cause." (Science at Camp Pattagansett)


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Please consider donating to support our non-profit organization. Since we receive little funding we require donations, from people like you, to continue our volunteer services.


You have the option of donating for a specific cause or found. Additionally, you can donate for or in meomory of a loved-one.


"The day of service was such a wonderful experience!" (Mather Elementary School)


"I loved interacting with the other volutneers. Just wish I could have done even more!" (Mather Elementary School)


"I truly enjoyed the experience here. It was nice to do work that people will benefit from." (Pruning vegetation at Spy Pond Park)