Hello, French students!

This website will help you with many of the grammar concepts you will study in French class. In particular, this site will help you with Mr. Rufo's sophomore Honors French class at Natick High School.

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This section will teach you some of the most common tenses in the French language, such as the future tense, the plus-que parfait, and conditional. It will include examples, explanations, and practice problems.

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Indirect Discourse

Indirect discourse is one of the most complicated topics the level 30 students cover. On this page, you can find an explanation, and some examples of indirect discourse.

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The Three Conditions

The three conditions are three different ways of phrasing sentences that begin with 'if'. These are also known as si clauses, or if clauses. If you want a deeper explanation of this concept, click, "View Details".

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This section will give you a go-to resource for french geographie, especially that of France, Haiti, and Québec, which are covered in French 30. It includes a brief history, tourist destinations, and graphics for each area.

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About the creator

Amy Azaria is a sophomore at Natich High School. Her favorite subjects in school are related to science, math, engineering, or technology. She is a part of her schools Advanced Web Design class where she learns HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code websites like this.

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Contact Information

Amy's email: amazaria@students.natickps.org
Mr. Rufo's email: anrufo@natickps.org
Mr. Rufo's website: www.moodle.natickps.org