Dina Bondar

About Picture


My name is Dina. As long as I can remember I was in love with sunshine and ocean. That is where the name of my website comes from. I admire nature and its beauty, and have a dream to contribute in saving our planet. I enjoy spending time with friends and loved one. In my free time I find myself reading books, watching tv shows, listening to favorite songs, and drawing. Although, I haven’t taken pictures for a while now, it is my favorite way to spend time. I’m interested in the variety of different studies and in general love learning new things each day. My favorite subjects are biology, art, and English. Also I know quite a lot about nutrition and healthy living.

Being Junior at Natick High School, I differ from most of the students because 1.5 years ago I moved from Ukraine. For my whole life I lived in the beautiful and old city Kiev, which is famous for its architecture and greenness. Living in Ukraine shaped the way I see the world and when I moved I learned how to start everything over and live out of the comfort zone. I’m looking forward to travel more because it is something that gives me lessons that I would never learn from books.