Dina Bondar

Original cover
My own cover

By taking the web design class I challenged myself to try something that I have never thought I would be able to do. Working in photoshop, writing code, making a website, and learning the web design principles taught me to explore and be open to new occupations. This class opened for me the world of Web Design and I’m looking forward to learn more next year.

The first project that I did was working in photoshop and recreating the magazine cover. The cover that I chose to recreate is from Yoga Journal. Yoga is one of the activities that helped me a lot in the past years to stay healthy both mentally and physically. It’s a perfect combination of working on your strength, flexibility, balance, and breath.

In this project I used my own picture for background. Then I took a picture of myself in the similar position as a model on the original cover and made some adjustments such as deleting the background, changing the contrast and brightness, changing the size of the photo. Finally, I added my own text and put everything together.