This project helped me learn a lot about myself and other students in the class. I learned that there were some interests that I shared with others and then some things that I didn’t have in common with anyone. I learned most about myself from this project, especially when sharing my project with others. When sharing the words with classmates, I found that the words I said were the things that were the most important to me and the things that I felt showed who I was the most. For example, when I was sharing with my first partner, Izzy, I learned that school and grades were really important and significant to me. I always knew that I cared about school and what I got for grades, but this led me to realize that it was one of the most important things to me. This project also helped me learn a lot about other students in the class. For example, when I shared that school was very important to me, I found that they were also very important to her. This led to even more conversation which helped me realize that traveling was important to her as well. I ended up finding that we had more in common that I has ever thought before.

I also learned about many differences I had with the students in this class. When I was sharing my words with Nikki, I found that she was born in the Dominican Republic and this was her first year in Natick. This was very interesting to me because I like to travel and it was nice to hear about where she used to live. Even though we didn’t have much in common, it was still easy to make conversation because there were so many interests we had that were similar and it was cool to learn about other people and other interests that they have. Also, when telling Annie that I enjoyed playing sports, that led to realizing that we both enjoyed gymnastics and being active in general. This also helped me form new relationships because even if the person you're sharing with does not have the same interests, it gives you something to talk about.This project has affected me in a positive way because it has helped me learn a lot about myself as well as other students in the class. This helped me form new relationships with them.

This project helped me learn what things were really the most important to me. The words that I found the most significant and shared with my classmates were that I liked playing the guitar, school is important to me, and I enjoy playing sports. I shared these words because they meant the most to me and I felt like they and I thought that they represented me the best out of all of my words. It was really interesting to learn more about my classmates and at the same time learn more about myself and what was most significant to me. This project was a great way to make relationships with new people and learn things in common that you can talk about and share.