This year was my first year playing volleyball, and I am so happy that I did it. I really enjoy playing the sport and learning more and more about it. I played for the freshman team at Natick High School and I enjoyed it so much that I played for a club team, Beantown, during the winter. While playing for the freshman team at school during the fall season, I learned all of the basics of volleyball which helped my improve a lot. My team was great and everybody was really close and we got along well. Since volleyball is such a team sport, and you have to trust and rely on your teammates, it was really important and great that we were so close. We played really well as a team and at the end of the season, we were undefeated. After the school season was over, I realized that I liked volleyball so much I wanted to continue playing it through the winter season. Since the volleyball is a fall sport at the school, I decided to join a club team. I tried out for Beantown Volleyball Club and made the team along with some of my teammates from school. This team was a lot more competitive and because of that I learned a lot more skills and improved a lot. At the end of the season, my team went to championships and we got 2nd place in our division. I really enjoy playing volleyball and I am excited for next years season.


I have been playing lacrosse since I was in 5th grade, and I really enjoy the sport. My dad got me into lacrosse because he used to play it as a child and when I was younger, we would always play out in the yard. Now my whole family plays. I have always really enjoyed the game and love playing it. This spring, I played on the JV team at Natick High School and it was so much fun. My team did well and we really improved from the beginning of the season to the end. My favorite position to play in lacrosse is center midfield. The center midfielder is the one who takes the draw after every goal, and I really enjoy doing that. Before playing at the high school, I played on a town team for 4 years and I also played on a club team. The town team was a lot of fun and it was where I learned all of the basics of lacrosse. The club team that I played on was the Mavericks, and I really enjoyed playing in a lot of tournaments and games on that team. Although the lacrosse season just ended, I still miss it and cannot wait until next year.


I have been playing the guitar for four years now and I love it. I started to play in 6th grade when I got my first guitar for Christmas. I always really wanted a guitar and I was so excited once I finally got one. Right away, I began to take lessons and learn new songs every week. I practiced a lot because I really enjoy playing and I really wanted to get better. Now, I no longer take lessons and I teach myself any new songs that I want to learn. Although I have improved a lot, there is still a lot more that I want to learn so I hope that soon I can start taking lessons again so I can learn more. Currently, my favorite song to play on the guitar is “Blackbird” by the Beatles. I recently got a new guitar that is larger and sounds much better than my first guitar. I hope that I am able to continue playing the guitar for a long time because I enjoy learning more and more about it and I love the way that it sounds.


I have been skiing since I was five years old and I still love it today. Both of my parents grew up skiing, so they taught me and my siblings how to ski at a young age. Since my mom grew up with a house in Colorado, my family and I take trips to Beaver Creek, Colorado every year to ski on the Rocky Mountains. We also go on smaller trips to mountains all around Vermont and New Hampshire. All of my cousins and my grandparents also love to ski, so we sometimes go on big trips to ski all together. Another mountain that I ski on a lot is Bromley Mountain in southern Vermont. I learned to ski in Colorado when I was very young. My parents would drop me off at a skiing day camp where they brought us to small hills, and taught little children the basics of skiing. I went there every day for one week and then once we got home I could ski with my parents on the real mountains. In the future, I want to try some new mountains that I have not yet skiied on. I love skiing and I hope that I continue to go skiing evey winter with my family.