Express Yourself Project

In the photoshop project, we made our faces out of words and quotes that represent our self and our lives. Not only did we reflect on ourselves, but we also learned about photoshop and how we are able to use the application. Along with learning how to edit photos, I learned that I am productive in photoshop. I was able to finish the project early and was usually ahead of the people around me. However, I also learned that I could become frustrated if I could not figure it out. I also probably put the sticky note on my computer earlier than necessary. As soon as I didn’t understand something and looked around and saw that no one else could help me, I put the sticky note on the computer without exploring first.

Apart from myself, I learned about other people in the class. Rachel plays sports at Natick just like me, but she plays softball. We also both went to Wilson and she loves animals. In this way we had more similarities than I thought. Olivia is on the Natick ski team and track and field. She also went to the same overnight summer camp that I did, Camp Coniston. It was a small world moment because the camp is in NH and there are many other camps she could go to so the odds of us going to the same one is small. Grace loves going to the beach, just like me and she likes shopping. One difference is her favorite amusement park is Six Flags and I have never been there.

Not only did the other students share about themselves, I told them about myself. In describing myself, I found that the most significant word I shared with my classmates was “basketball.” I play basketball year round and it is a big part of my daily life. Outside of myself, my whole family, including my brother and sister, play basketball. This project allowed me to learn more about myself and my classmates. I learned new similarities I had with people in the class, even if they are not in my grade. Overall the project taught me about technology, my classmates, and myself.