I am not the most dedicated musician, but I do play the piano. I have been playing piano since the 2nd grade when I was first signed up to take lessons. I have now been playing for 9 years and have greatly improved. I don't play classical music and instead fouc on chords and different ways to play them. I am not in a band or anything, but enjoy playing.


This year I joined the ADL in school. I did peer leaders in 7th and 8th grade, but took a year off in 9th grade so that I could adjust to high school and the work load. Being in ADL this year has been a good experience. We learn about how actions can effect others and microagressions can have a profound effect, even if it is only a small coment. It has been nice to listen to some of the speakers that were brought in and hear their stories. Some are leadership teachers, such as the teachers from enjoy life, or people who lead different movements, such as teh mix matched socks group.


I love going to the beach. It is probably my favorite place to be. I love swimming, reading, and relaxing on the sand. I also like playing informal games of beach volleyball. Volleyball is a lot harder to play in the sand because youi can not jump as high. If I could vacation anywhere it would definitely be the beach where I could relax in the sun. I love being in the sun and greatly prefer to be hot than to be in the cold snow.