I have been playing basketball since I was in the third grade. Since then I have played on school and club teams. Currently I play for the Huskies AAU team in both the fall and spring. In the winter I play on the Natick High team. I play forward and have my whole life. My height is definitely an advantage, but when we go to big tournaments many of the girls are taller than me. I have a lot of fun playing and basketball is a big part of my life.


I started playing volleyball my Freshman year. Previously, I had gone to a couple camps and clinics to prepare but I had never been on a team. I really liked it and played club volleyball for Beantown in freshman spring. It was very difficult to play both club volleyball and AAU basketball so I decided to stop the club volleyball. Sophomore year I did not play club but continued to play on the Natick High team in the fall. I am a middle so my role is to jump and block at the net. I enjoying playing and being with all the girls on the team.