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Visual Arts

Students that are interested in visual arts at the high school may enroll in a comprehensive sequence of two-dimensional electives, or opt to experience three-dimensional classes and/or commercial art courses. Annually, students are selected to participate in the high school and middle school art show and are encouraged to consider submitting work for the Boston Globe Scholastic Art competition, a state and national competition for middle and high school students. 

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Teacher Sites:
Ms. Curran's Site
Ms. Ruo's Site 

Ms. Anderson

Ms. Gates Intro to Art

Ms. Gates Sketchbooking

Ms. Gates Ceramics

Visual Arts

Mrs. Cullen's Website
courses- Introduction to Website Design, Advanced Website Design I, Advanced Website Design II, Digital Media, iPad Publishing

Mr. Willey
courses- Game Design, Electronic Music, Advanced Electronic Music

Ms. Roberson's Website
courses- Video Production, TV Production, Animation