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Theatre at Kennedy is a trimester class for all 5th, 6th, 8th, and some 7th graders. Aside from class, there are several opportunities to act or work back stage after school.

Teacher for 5th-8th grade theater: Mr. Lane's Teacher Site

5th Grade
For many students this is their first formal class in school concerning drama. This class acts as an introductory course to all facets of the physical theater building, and the elements necessary to create drama. Students focus on the following:

• Theatre architectrue (stage locations/directions)
• Verbal and non-Verbal Communication
• Storytelling
• Tableaux
• Written form of dialogue 
• Reading and Interpreting a script to create action onstage
• Performing in front of peers
• Critiquing their own work, and the work of others

6th Grade 
Building off of the fundamentals learned in 5th grade, these students begin to explore the world of acting. The primary focus is on characterization; the process of creating believable and sustainable characters. Students focus on the following:

• History of acting technique (Stanislavski)
• Creating character through physical means
• Creating character through vocal means
• Reading and analyzing a wide variety of plays
• Solo performance in the form of a monologue
• Group performance in the form of scene work
• The rehearsal process
• An emphasis on the written critique of their own work, and that of others
• The process of acting- performance, reflection, revision
• Making connections from their study of acting to other subjects in school 

7th Grade
Due to the scheduling process, most 7th grade students do not take drama. Those who do opt to take drama experience the production process from the ground up. Students focus on the following:

• Play selection
• Interpreting a script for character elements
• Interpreting a script for technical elements
• The roles and responsibilities of people involved in a theatrical production
• An intense experience of the rehearsal process
• Performance in front of an invited audience
• Critical reflection on the rehearsal and performance 

8th Grade
Students in 8th grade build upon previous knowledge, and expand their learning to include self written material and advanced thinking in the form of improvisation. Students focus on the following:

• Techniques of improvisation
• Utilizing improvisation as a way to generate material
• Demonstrating understanding through peer teaching
• Creating original scenes and characters for performance
• An in depth look at the theatre production process
• Theatre jobs and their associated responsibilities
• Utilizing technology in the collaborative process