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In high school, students are once again encouraged to continue lessons with their same instructor (but now arrangements must be made with the instructor directly) and to sign up for band. Band happens during the school day. Between big band (all band students) and smaller bands students have band every day. There are many opportunities to play as an ensemble. Students play at football games, pep rally, graduation, class night, parades, competitions, and concerts at high school and off site.


There are other opportunities for band students to grow their instrumental skills and/or to try their voice through after school courses: Men's Choir, Chamber Singers, Pit Band, the fall musical, and Jazz Ensemble. There are also many electives (see below) to chose from to help students improve their instrumental skills: Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band 11, Symphonic Band J 11, Symphonic Band 09 J 11, and Honors Symphonic Band 20. 

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There are many opportunities to sing and learn about singing at Natick High School. Students entering high school or just starting high school choir are advised to enroll in Concert Choir before trying Advanced Choir. Choir students typically meet every other day for roughly 80 minutes and perform in a minimum of four concerts– not including off site opportunities and/or competitions.

There are other opportunities for choir students to grow their vocal skills and/or to try a band instrument through after school courses and experiences: Mens Choir, Chamber Singers, Pit Band, The Fall Musical, and Jazz Ensemble. There are also electives (see below) that are available for students to improve their singing: Concert Choir, Advanced Concert Choir, Honors Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Men's Vocal Singers.

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Instrumental Electives:

• Jazz Ensemble 14

• Symphonic Band 11

• Symphonic Band J 11

• Symphonic Band 09 J 11

• Honors Symphonic Band 20

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Vocal Electives:

• Concert Choir

• Advanced Concert Choir

• Honors Concert Choir

• Chamber Choir

• Men's Vocal Ensemble

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Other Electives:

• Piano

• Music Theory and Technology

• School of Rock

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